With Dance Recital season just around the corner here are a few etiquette rules to be aware of so that you and others around you can have a great experience watching your little star of the show.


  1. Do your best to be early for the performance?   If you are unable to get in your seat before the recital starts or need to get up during the recital be sure to do so between dance routines.


  1. Sit quietly during the performance.   Do not talk during a dance routine.


  1. Clap when you see something you like, performers love to be recognized for their hard work


  1. Don’t yell a performers name during their dance, this can be a distraction and for many performers this may be their first time in front of an audience and it can be distracting to them.


  1. Silence your cell phones.   If you must have your phone on during the recital make sure that it is on silent and that the screen brightness is turned down completely.


  1. No food or drinks.   The opening of soda cans and candy wrappers are distracting to those around you.


  1. It is best not to take photos or video during the performance.   The screens can be distracting to those around you and if holding your phone or camera up can get in the way of viewing for those around and behind you.   (If you are allowed to take photos and videos it is best to do so from the back of the auditorium or the sides as not to distract those around you.) Many dance studios allow you to take photos or video during dress rehearsal and if they do you can get some great photos and video there.   Also, if you use a camera with a flash it can temporally blind the performer on stage and they may mess up or take a tumble.Usually pictures and videos are prohibited during concert performances  because of copyrights of music or even the artists performing. Usually professional pictures or recordings are being taken, so be sure to check with your dance studio on their policies.


Now it is time to sit back and enjoy what will be a memorable show with your little star on the stage.


Visit our Dance page or watch the video below to learn more about our Dance Recital Video Services.


Bradley S. Vaughn

President of Magination Video



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