Q: I’m having trouble Viewing/Downloading a event from the Google Drive link that was sent to me, what can I do?

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Q: My DVD is not playing, what can I do?
A: We use a DVD-R format for all DVDs.  Sometimes older and certain DVD players will not accept the DVD-R format.  If this happens to you, please send us an e-mail or give us a call and we will get you a replacement in another DVD format or a Digital Download of the event at no charge.

Q: How long before I receive my Video after an event is complete?
A: Most events are ready within 2-6 weeks of an event.  Most are finished before this time, but due to certain busy times it can sometimes takes up to six weeks before being ready.  If you have questions when videos will be shipped please email us or check the website/facebook for updates.

Q: How long do you keep footage filmed at events?
A: We hold a Master DVD of all events from 1995-2017, Events after we keep a Digital Archive backed up on our video servers.

Q: How far will you travel for a video shoot?
A: We will travel anywhere you would like (cost may incur for travel outside the Central Texas area).  We do have passports so we can travel anywhere in the world to film.

Q: Can I preview my video online or at your office?
A: Yes, email us with the event/production and the production you are inquiring about and we can put something together to email to you.

Q: Can I buy the Raw Video Footage from an event or wedding?
A: Yes you may.  We normally only keep the Raw Footage for up to a year before purging the raw footage tapes from our hard drives.  Cost varies on how much footage we obtained.

If you have any questions that are not listed above please e-mail us at MaginationVideo@gmail.com

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