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JSOD Recital 2021 – June 12 * Show #2 = 9:00am – USB Drive


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Product Description

Includes the full Recital Edit and each Individual Dance for easy viewing on a USB Drive

***IMPORTANT INFORMATION from JSOD and Magination Video***

ALL Dance Parents/Guardians/Dancers will receive a Digital Download link when editing of the shows have been completed and uploaded. This is included along with your JSOD Dance Recital Packet. Please allow 3 – 6 weeks for the download link.
JSOD will send an email out to your current email address you have on file with the studio.
Each final recital edit Google Drive Folder will have the full show file and each individual dance file for easy viewing.

If you wish to order a USB/DVD/or additional Digital Downloads to share with friends and family, please use our online cart for placing your order.

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